Weekly Newsletter

October 28st, through November 1st, 2019 

Monday –

P.E., Technology Homework Reading, Math Spelling


Library, P.E. Homework Reading, Math, Spelling


Technology, Reading. Homework Reading, Math, Spelling

 Thursday  - 

Music, Art.  Homework Reading, Math, Spelling

  Friday Art, Music. Spelling Test No Homework

 Areas of Focus This Week
 Spelling words:  

1. somebody 2. fireplace 3. nearby 4. toothbrush 5. homesick 6. make believe 7. anything 8. all right 9. goodbye 10. forehead
11. classmate 12. flashlight 13. haircut 14. twenty-two 15. driveway 16. alarm clock 17. baby-sit 18. airport 19. forever 20. mailbox

Challenge field trip    absent-minded     life jacket     skyscraper       nevertheless

Math: factors
Language Arts   The Screech Owl who liked Television
Science:   Circuits and force fields
Social Studies   Colony, Poster Board Presentation