Look What We Are Learning
Language Arts- reading biography of Helen Keller, vowel teams oa and ow, proper nouns, the suffix -ly
Math- 2 digit addition
Science- our senses, vision and hearing
Social Studies- Holiday activities

Homework- Read for 20 minutes every night, be ready to AR test every week on your library book

To practice for the spelling test try spelling one syllable words witho, oa and ow that make the long o sound. Examples- most, soap, own, float, both, know, loan, goat, flow, loaf, throw, coach, so, grow 
or two syllable words for a little extra challenge. Examples- swallow, ocean

Students should be able to use o, oa and ow as the long o sound in a word and sound out the consonants, blends or digraphs that make up the rest of the word.