School Closure
In case of inclement weather or unexpected events school may be delayed, closed, or released early. If the school schedule is changed due to weather or another event it will be posted on one or more of these places as we are able; the school website, the radio (KMOG 1420 AM or 103.3FM), a text message and/or a recorded message will be sent by phone whenever possible. You might also find information on our Facebook page. 
School delays are typically 2 hours. A two hour delay gives snow/ice a chance to melt as well as giving maintenance time to clear sidewalks and parking lots. If in doubt you can try texting me at 928-978-6514.

If there is a lockdown situation please leave the school area open for emergency personnel to do their job. You will not be admitted to the school buildings. Communication will be restored once security has been established. Our students' safety is our first priority, communication is secondary. Students will be released when it is safe to do so. 

Health concerns may also close a school. If we are closed for a widespread illness for an extended time check your email and Google classroom for assignments. Whenever possible work will be compiled to be completed at home through paper packets and online resources. I will share log on information as needed. Parents, please keep your email up to date with Mrs. Paine for more information.