Library/Media Center

Pine Strawberry School Library

Dear Students, Parents and Teachers,


Welcome to the new and wonderful 2018-2019 school year!  My name is Christina Nekho. I am the library media center tech.   I look forward to the new year and working with all our wonderful students and staff.    

With technology constantly changing, the way that our students learn is changing as well.  Our library is now a library media center, which provides valuable collections in print and online that help support our students curriculum and deal with an assortment of learning needs.


  • In our Library Media Center, you are not expected to know all the answers.Here is where you will find the answers to what you are looking for.

  • Research papers are our specialty! Whatever you need to know you can find it at the school library media center! Just ask for help!


  • Our mission at Pine Strawberry library media center is to help our students acquire a passion for reading.

  • Our library is a resource not only for our students but for our teachers.Feel free to use the library for research projects, meetings with the students or free time (permitted that there is not a scheduled class).

  • The school library media center provides print, electronic and other resources that support the curriculum and address an array of needs.


  • Here at Pine Strawberry, our library media center is more than just books. We are a learning center with printed books and electronic media that support our students success.

  • School library media specialists teach students information skills that students need to learn and master for a lifetime.

  • Research shows a direct link between student achievement and school library media programs stocked with a full range of resources and staffed by library media specialists

  • School library media specialists help teach students to love reading and the enjoy the benefits and skills learned from literacy skills.



Please feel free to stop in and take a tour of our library.  I look forward to seeing you!




Christina Nekho

Library Tech Specialist