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3rd Grade

Tammi Cannalito


Welcome Parents!

Contact Information:


School Phone:  (928) 476-3283

Field Trips:

Gila County Fair Sept. 8th

World Wildlife Zoo Oct. 18th

Rock Hunting TBD


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Cannaliato’s 3rd Grade Schedule - 2023-2024

Monday & Tuesday - Tech & PE (Wear appropriate shoes)
Wednesday & Thursday - Music & Art 
Friday - Library 

3rd Grade

(928) 476-3283

Tardiness and Absenteeism

            Please have your child to school on time and ready to learn.  If transportation is a problem please, contact the office for a bus schedule.  The morning bell rings at 7:55 and school starts at 8:00 AM.  Tardy students need to check in at the office before coming to class.  A learning activity will begin every morning as soon as the bell rings.  Your child will miss valuable information if they are late.

It is imperative that your child attend school on a regular basis.  Even if make-up work is done, your child will miss out on instruction each day they are absent.  This will greatly affect your child’s learning.

        Please notify the office in the morning if your child is absent and ask for missed assignments.  I will be happy to have them ready for you to pick up that same day after school.  Your child will have two days to compete and turn in these assignments.  Homework or classwork for the following day is still a priority.


 Behavior Plan


I will be using the Capturing Kids’ Hearts behavior program.   Students will be making a class social contract that will dictate how we all want to be treated in our classroom, positive classroom behaviors, and what generally makes a good learning environment.   All minor behavioral problems will be handled using this system.  The following steps show the progression of behavior problems:

Step One:  Verbal class warning to redirect expectations and refer to the social contract.

Step Two:  I will go directly to the student and ask the following four questions quietly, which are meant to redirect the students and have them take responsibility for their actions:

1.    What are you doing?

2.   What are you supposed to do?

3.   Are you doing it?

4.   What are you going to do about it?

This is their warning so they can improve their behavior.

Step Three:  Students will be moved out of their group.  I will often have students call home at this stage and they might need to make up learning time during their recess.

Step Four:  Students will have a referral to the office. 

*Students can earn a direct referral to the office for major infractions without going through these steps.


Positive Rewards 

●    Students can also earn stamps for positive behavior daily.  They can use these stamps to buy items out of our quarterly auction, privileges, or extra supplies.

●       We also have "Mystery Motivator", please ask your child about it. 


Students will have regular homework Monday through Thursday of each week.  Each Friday, a homework packet for the next week, as well as a newsletter will be sent home.  That homework packet will be due the following Friday.  I realize that we all lead busy lives.  This will allow your child to work on homework as time permits throughout the week.  I also like to give homework early in case your child needs extra time to study for their spelling tests. Please practice multiplication facts EVERY DAY! 
            Classwork, homework, or special projects should be completed by the due date.  If your child cannot have their work completed on time, please send an email explaining the situation.  The work will still need to be finished and the student may need to stay in at recess for completion of work.  I do realize that life happens, and will consider the well-being of your child in each situation. 

AR Points 

Your child will be required to read each night for 15 to 20 minutes from an individually selected AR book at their reading level.  Each student will be responsible for earning AR points by testing on those books read at home each quarter.  The amount of points your child needs to earn are individual and based on their reading levels.  I will let you know at the beginning of each quarter how many points your child will need to earn. 


All assignments will be scored on a percentage system of the number of items correct.  If your child is not making progress, I will contact you for assistance in arranging additional help.  Please feel free to contact me at school if you have a concern about your child’s progress in any area.  Check your child’s grades by going to and signing into the grade portal.  Let me know if you need any help.


Grading Scale

A= 90-100%

B= 80-89%

C= 70-79%

D= 60-69%

F= 50-59%


Birthday Celebrations

Birthdays are celebrated after lunch or at the end of the day.  Kids may bring in treats in the morning to share with the class.  Please send napkins, plates, and utensils… when appropriate.  Please do not send birthday invitations to be passed out at school unless there is one for each student in the class.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a free web service developed for schools to share links, information and assignments.  Students and parents can join our Google Classroom by logging into Google Classroom and entering our class code:  x2ojh3f

Class Library

Class Library - Checkout for in-school only. If lost or destroyed, students will be asked to replace it. 

Third-Grade Supply List

Box of crayons

Box of colored pencils

Glue sticks

Expo dry erase markers

4 spiral notebooks (blue, red, yellow, green)

Disinfecting wipes

Scissors that fit your hand


One red pocket folder

1 one-inch 3 ring binder

Set of dividers for the binder


Parent Volunteers

If you would like to volunteer in our classroom this year, please fill out a volunteer application that is available in the office.  Let me know when you turn that into the office and I will contact you to schedule convenient times.  I would love to have your help.