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Don Lambert


My name is Don Lambert and I am the K-8 technology teacher for the 2022-23 school year. This is my 6th full year at Pine-Strawberry School, and I'm looking forward to the continued growth of all of our students!

 I have a bachelor's degree in general K-8 education (2017), and I also hold a bachelor's degree in electronics engineering. Prior to becoming a teacher, I worked for 20+ years at Motorola semiconductor operations and its spin-offs working in sustaining and new product development engineering, test engineering, and information architecture management. I had great experiences working with people all around the world both in person and virtually.

Having grown up in a small rural area in Minnesota, now I'm back to enjoying small-town living and hopefully making a difference by helping the next generation navigate the ever-changing world of technology :)

Class Schedule

8:05-9:15am – 7th-grade math assistant (M-F)

9:20-10:00am - Kinder (Tue-Wed); 1st (The-Fri)

10:15-10:55am - 5th (Wed-Thur); 2nd grade ELA assistant (M, Tue, Fri) 

Lunch & Lunch Recess Duty

12:15-12:55pm - 2nd (Wed-Thur)

1:00-1:40pm - 3rd (M-Tue); 4th (Wed-Thur)

1:50-2:30pm - Middle School (mixed groupings M-Wed)

Homework Expectations/Procedures 

No homework is given, and all learning is in-person

Preferred Methods of Communication

Please don't hesitate to call me at 928-476-3283, extension 1203, or email me at if you have any questions about your student's progress or about the technology curriculum. I'd be happy to show you what we are covering and why, and discuss any ideas you may have for improvement!

General curriculum for student learning in technology: 

·         understanding the basic operation of personal computing devices (K-8)

·         typing (1-8)

·         create slideshows (1-8)

·         create process flow diagrams (2-5)

·         understand spreadsheet terminology (3-8)

·         use a spreadsheet for graphing (5-8)

·         creation and use of audio and video data (2-8)

·         math enrichment (1-8)

·         chess for strategy and logical thinking (3-8)

We will devote a considerable amount of time to coding to build logic skills (pattern recognition, sequencing, loops, conditional loops…). When appropriate, we will integrate coding skills with programming robots 

·         block coding (K-4)

·         text coding (3-8) 

Classroom Events/Field Trips

            None planned