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Middle School English Language Arts

Candace Paine
Middle School English Language Arts

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Throughout the year, we will be learning to apply critical thinking skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening. Skills will spiral and be reviewed throughout the middle school years. 

Students should be reading for 20 minutes or more every day. All students are required to take  AR tests every quarter on a books they have chosen and read independently. Individual AR goals are based on ongoing student assessment. Students will also have a class novel to read each semester.  

Students are assigned an IXL skill to work on every week. Students are assigned vocabulary weekly.  

Students will be given time to work on assignments in class every week. Any work that students are not able to complete in class becomes homework. 

Course Overview

We will respond to many texts by employing personal experiences and critical analysis.

We will apply the conventions of standard English in writing and speaking. We will evaluate the content, organization, and language use of a variety of texts.

1st Quarter- reading narrative stories and informational text to determine theme or central idea, writing evidence-based essays citing textual evidence,  understanding figurative language, engaging in collaborative discussions, and using technology appropriately

2nd Quarter- writing persuasive and argumentative essays, reading and analyzing informational text, engaging in collaborative discussions, use technology for research

3rd Quarter- writing a variety of expository texts (compare/contrast, problem/solution, cause/effect,) reading short stories, poems, and plays, engaging in collaborative discussions, use technology effectively

4th Quarter- writing with intention and purpose for a variety of situations, reading for pleasure and information for self growth and edification, listening and speaking to clarify, extend, and challenge information presented, use technology to enhancepresentation, we will also be focused on our end of the year testing  


I grew up in the Pine Strawberry area and love it here. I attended Pine Strawberry School from 1st-8th grade. then went to Payson High School. I received my teaching degree from the University of Arizona. I started teaching at Pine Strawberry School in 1996. I took a break from teaching from 2000-2008 to have children of my own. I have spent the majority of my teaching career in the primary grades, but happily moved to middle in 2021 to teach language arts. I am enjoying the change and the challenge of the middle school curriculum.

My husband and I have 4 adult children and one grandchild. My husband is a captain paramedic at the Pine Strawberry Fire Department and chief at the Blue Ridge Fire Department.