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Middle School Math

Margaret Johnson


Two Passions


I am Margaret Johnson, the Middle School Math Teacher here at Pine Strawberry School.   ASU is my alma mater – emphasis in Math, Math Education, Spanish and Math instruction to ESL students.

I have been teaching full time for about 34 years….24 of them here in Pine.   I try to provide a healthy, pleasant atmosphere in which to learn with an aquarium and plants displayed throughout the classroom.  Positive affirmations adorn the walls.

There is such power in a strong Math Foundation.  I emphasize this daily to your children.  I request that they study every night the material that was covered in   class.  There are also IXL (district provided web program) lessons posted regularly to help provide more practice with the Math concepts for students to learn them well or realize they need more help.

I LOVE Math and teaching Math.  My dream is that I can instill some of that passion in your children….or at least a like or appreciation for Math.

I also help coach archery at Pine Strawberry School.



I currently study animal behavior/training and am a certified dog trainer.  When not teaching Middle School Students, I train and deploy dogs for search and rescue for the Gila County Sheriff’s Office.   I am also an FAA licensed sUAS (drone) pilot for SAR and Gila County Sheriff’s Office. I co-authored a bill that was signed by the Governor in July 2022 enhancing K9 HRD (Human Remains Detection) training for all recognized Search & Rescue K9 HRD Teams in Arizona.  Bottom picture is my star dog, Legacy Lucy, and I at the Capitol to testify in support of this Search & Rescue legislation.  The Bill was affectionately nicknamed "Lucy's Bill".


Archery, kayaking, hiking, gardening, photography, knitting/crocheting/quilting.  I don’t watch much TV…except during football season!


The best way to contact me is by email: