Class Syllabus

Science Syllabus 2019-2020

Teacher: Stacy Flanagan


                Hello! I hope you all had a wonderful summer. I look forward to an exciting school year with all of you. In my class most of your grade comes from the work you do daily in class, so attendance is very important! More important however, is being on task while you are here. Here is my grading scale:


1st, 2nd, and 4thQuarters

3rd Quarter

  • Journal Entries = 40%
  • Tests and quizzes = 40%
  • Homework = 20%


  • Journal Entries = 20%
  • Tests and quizzes = 20%
  • Homework = 10%
  • Science Fair Project = 50%


Journal Entries: Almost every day you be asked to write something in your science journal. Neat and accurate notes are worth five points and labs are worth ten or more points depending on how many days they were worked on. However, you can also earn extra credit every day, by “going beyond the call of duty”. That is, putting extra detail and thoughtfulness into your entries. These journal entries are kept in your science journal and you may take them home to study every day.  


Homework: Every week you are to create five note cards from the notes you take in class. These are like flash cards with a term/question on one side and a definition on the other. Some weeks you also will have a worksheet or Buckle Down pages (BD is 8th grade only) assigned that will help reinforce what we have covered in class. Make sure to check your weekly newsletter and agenda entries for any due dates. 


Tests and Quizzes: Tests are given at the end of a unit of study and the last week of each quarter. Quizzes will be given most Fridays to ensure that students are studying and understanding the material weekly.


Science Fair: All Middle School students are required to participate in the Science Fair. We will begin working on some components of the science fair project in class. However, the actual experiment itself must be completed at home. More information about the fair will be provided in an additional packet as the fair approaches.


If you are absent…

If you are absent it is YOUR responsibility to come see me and get your make-up work. Missing notes can be obtained from me during study hall, or from a fellow classmate. Please catch up on missing notes as soon as possible so you do not fall behind. If you missed a lab you may need to complete an alternate assignment as most labs cannot be made up.  


Extra Credit

Here are some options for extra credit, please discuss these with me prior to doing the extra credit otherwise they will not be accepted:


- Science song or rap                          

- Report on an endangered species

- Create a science model

- Write a children’s science book

-Any other suggestions? Let me know! Be creative!