Math - Margaret Johnson 2019-20

Subjects Taught

6th Grade, 7th Grade, 8th Grade 


I am an ASU Sundevil!


Hi Parents/Guardians and all those interested,

I have a passion for Mathematics and how powerful the knowledge of this field is in all future

teacher careers that your child may choose.  I have taught Math for a zillion years...or almost that and love seeing the excitement in the eyes of a student that just grasped a Mathematics concept for the first time.  I will work hard to develop the necessary skills/Math Standards that your child needs for future Math classes.  Please designate a special spot at home where they can comfortably study and do Math work.  Paper, pencils, ruler, protractor might be good items to have available for use at home.

When I am not teaching, I am volunteering for Tonto Rim Search & Rescue.  I love this beautiful community we live in and enjoy finding and/or helping  community members or visitors who get lost or injured in the back country. 

I am always available for parent visits.  Please email me or leave a message with the office if you would like a conference other than the one scheduled at report card time. Your kids are amazing....keep up the great work!


Class Activities

Measurement and Converting Measurement   

Throughout the year, all Middle School Math students will do activities using both U.S.Customary units and Metric units.  They will learn how to use conversion factors to convert from one unit to another and/or one system to another.  Any opportunities to measure and/or convert measurements outside of school would be great for the students.  It is such an important skill and students need all the practice they can get.


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