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Keith Howell

Bus Routes Strawberry

Bus Routes Pine


Conduct on the Bus:

  • All passengers must remain seated throughout the trip.  Passengers may leave their seat only when the bus has reached the destination, comes to a complete stop and the door opens.

  • Standing or walking while the bus is in motion is dangerous and prohibited.

  • Passengers must keep books and parcels on their lap.  The aisle must be kept clear.

  • Passengers must avoid doing anything that might disturb the driver or interfere with his/her work.  Do not occupy the driver area.

  • Promptly obey the directions and instructions of the bus driver at all times.

  • Refrain from loud and boisterous talking, yelling, or noise making.

  • Never stick your hands, arms, head or feet out of the windows of the bus.

  • Never throw anything in the bus or out of a window.

  • Never touch the emergency door, exit controls or any of the bus safety equipment unless required in an emergency.

  • Do not leave trash on the bus.  No eating or drinking on the bus.

  • No climbing over or under bus seats.

  • Fighting, profane language/gesture, vandalism or theft will not be tolerated.

Prohibited Items:

  • Drugs, alcohol, tobacco, matches, lighters, dangerous materials or weapons are not allowed. 

  • Insects, reptiles, or other animals shall not be transported. 

  • No explosive devices, harmful drugs or chemicals, no guns or knives shall be transported.

Exit From the Bus:

  • Remain seated until the bus has reached the destination, comes to a complete stop and the door is open.

  • Do not push or crowd when leaving.


The following conduct will result in suspension.  Consequences from this behavior will result in the loss of bus riding privileges for 10 school days or suspension of privileges for the remainder of the school year.  

  • Fighting

  • Possession of weapons

  • Vandalism, theft

  • Endangering other students and/or bus driver and/or other drivers/pedestrians

  • Possession of alcohol, drugs, tobacco, matches and lighters

  • Incidents of disrespect or willful disobedience towards the driver 

  • Inappropriate language or gestures

  • Throwing objects out window which create a safety hazard

  • Threatening other students and/or bus driver

If students wish to ride another bus or get off at a different stop, their parent/guardian must provide a written note or telephone call to the attendance office.