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School Supplies

Families that are experiencing difficult times with purchasing some and/or all supplies needed for their student/s, please contact the Principal/Superintendent Ast, and she will help with these purchases through the Pine Strawberry Elementary School Districts Needs Kids Funds.  

2022-2023 Supplies List for Preschool-5th Grade 
2022-2023 Supplies List for Middle School-6th, 7th, and 8th Grade

1 Bottle of Elmer’s Glue
6 Glue sticks
Zip-lock gallon bags
2 disinfectant wipes
2 baby wipes
1 pk of crackers, 1 pk of cookies & 1 pk of either popcorn or pretzels
1 large package of Play-Doh
Standard Size Backpack

1 box of whiteboard markers
Water bottle to use all year
Pencil box
Glue sticks
Gallon-size ziplock bags
2 boxes of Kleenex
1-3pk of disinfectant wipes

1st Grade
2 boxes 24 count crayons
2 boxes washable markers - 1 skinny, 1 fat
1 box colored of pencils
2 pk #2 regular pencils
2 boxes of Kleenex/Tissues
1 pair of scissors
2 glue sticks
3 large containers of disinfecting wipes
1 box Ziploc gallon bags
1 box Ziploc quart bags
1 Pencil box
1 Package of paper plates

2nd Grade
1 small box 24 crayons
1 Pencil box
1 pk #2 pencils
4 pocket folders with brads
3 glue sticks
1 highlighter
4 spiral notebooks- wide rule (green, yellow, blue)
1 box washable markers (no Sharpies)
1 box colored of  pencils
Headphones (to be kept at school)
Paper towels
Quart/Gallon Ziplock bags
Tissue boxes
Disinfecting wipes

3rd Grade
#2 Pencils
Pencil Box
Box of colored pencils
Box of crayons
Glue sticks
Expo dry-erase markers
4 spiral wide ruled notebooks - (blue/red/yellow/green)
1 pocket folder
Headphones (to be kept at school)
Disinfecting wipes

4th Grade
1 box #2 pencils sharpened
1 box colored pencils sharpened
1 pencil box / pouch
1 box of Crayons
1 box whiteboard dry erase markers
1 highlighter
1 composition book
1 (1 inch) 3 ring binder
1 pack of paper dividers for binder
5 pocket folders (red/green/blue/black/yellow)
3 spiral notebooks (approx. ¼ inch thick)
4 glue sticks
2 boxes Kleenex/Tissue
1 container of disinfectant wipes|
Headphones (to be kept at school)

5th Grade
2 boxes Kleenex/Tissues
Hand sanitizer
Disinfecting wipes
Paper towels
Box of Ziploc bags - any size
Box of Crayons
Spiral notebooks
Dry erase markers
Glue sticks
Elmer’s glue
Headphones (to be kept at school) 

Middle School Supply List 

Language Arts 
1” 3 ring binder
1 pack of 3 ring binder dividers
Loose leaf college rule notebook paper
Pocket folder
Pack of post-it notes

Composition book, college ruled
1 pack of 100 3”x5” index cards 

Red single-subject college ruled spiral notebook, to be replenished as needed (Usually every 9-week quarter)
Red pens or pencils for grading

Socials Studies
Single Subject College ruled spiral notebook, to be replenished as needed, for daily/weekly in-class notes.
Three Prong Folder 
1 pack of 100 3”x5” index cards 

General Supplies
A backpack that all your supplies can fit into. You will not have a desk to store your materials in! 
Headphones or Earbuds to be left at school
Packages of colored pencils 
Package of colored markers
1 pair of scissors
Pencil pouch to hold supplies
6 glue sticks, to be replenished as needed
Metric/Standard ruler 
PENCILS: a supply of 10-20 pencils with erasers. Parents please check with your child and send pencils to school every 2-3 weeks. Your child cannot be successful without pencils in class DAILY! No sharpies. If these are needed for an assignment, the teacher will provide them.

Classroom comfort supplies: Please donate these items if you are able and give them to your homeroom teacher so that we may all have a comfortable school year. 
2 boxes of facial tissue
1 bottle of hand sanitizer
2 rolls of paper towels
Quart or Gallon zip-lock style bags
Paper plates