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About the Governing Board

2024 Pine Strawberry Governing School Board of Directors are:

Thom Cazel, Governing Board President
Dawn Pawlowski, Governing Board Clerk 
Sherri Hampton, Legislative Liaison/Governing Board Member
Margaret Parker, Governing Board Member
Brandon Wells, Governing Board Member

Schedule of School Board Meetings

School board meetings are held monthly and typically begin at 5:30 PM. Please consult the electronic school calendar on our school website for up-to-date meeting times (please check the online calendar, the PDF download dates are subject to change from the original publish date). 

Meeting notices are posted in the Pine Post Office, under the glass on the west bulletin board; at Pine Strawberry School, under the glass on the bulletin board located on the left wall of the main entrance to the building just before you enter the building.

Staff Contact:
Megan Ward