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Megan Ward
Athletic Director

The athletic program at Pine Strawberry School is designed to allow students to be part of a team while teaching them the sportsmanship associated with the game. We believe that athletics are an important part of adolescent development, and encourage all students to participate in one of our many sports offered. 

Eligibility Guidelines for Sports

Arizona Interscholastic Association, Inc.; Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI) / Concussion Statement and Acknowledgement Form


Athletic Director
Megan Ward
(928) 476-3283

Archery 2022-2023
Season Dates 09/2022 - 04/2023
Coach Margaret Johnson 
Coach Dean Pederson
Coach Andy Ward 

Cross Country 2022-2023
Head Coach Candance Paine
Asst. Coach Dean Pederson

Volleyball 2022-2023
Head Coach Megan Ward
Asst. Coach Brett River 

Basketball 2022-2023
Coach: Gary Fishel
Coach: Don Lambert

Track and Field 2022-2023
Head Coach: TBD
Asst. Coach: TBD